Weekly Update 7/3/2019

What we've been up to the week

As in previous years, as part of World Book Day, on Thursday 7 March, Year 5 were invited to attend Badminton School. This year, we were given the opportunity to go and listen to the author, Kate Maryon, talk about her writing. There were some challenging issues raised, such as homelessness and family breakdown, which were sensitivity discussed during the talk, but also in class following our return to school. The message, reinforced the recent assembly by the NSPCC, reminded children of the importance of speaking out to stay safe. The children enjoyed hearing about the inspiration for her books and gave them much to reflect on, as well as an insight into her many books-which she left on quite a cliff hanger at times! We are, as always, very grateful to all of the parents who gave up their Thursday morning to come and help us, and hope they found the session as enjoyable and informative as we did.

In Literacy this week, we are really diving in to our mystery story writing, following a video of a boy who finds himself in a destryed corridor, and what happens to him next. the children have really enjoyed getting stuck in to this, describing the setting without giving the game away, and trying to figure out what the woman could have been saying to the officer who turned up. Children are learning to make their dialogue writing more interesting by using 'Action, Dialogue, Description'. Ask your children what that looks like, maybe see if you can find any examples of ADD in their reading books!

In Spelling, we are finishing off our pattern of '-ence' words, such as intelligence, or absence.

In Maths, we are looking at various areas of fractions, and making more sense of what they are, and how we can compare them. By looking at the denominators, the children have started to be able to order them, and even find equivalents to compare fractions with different denominators. Eg 2/3 and 4/5 could be 10/15 and 12/15.

Excitingly, this week 2 year 5 classes had their first capoeira lesson, learning about where capoeira comes from, and how to behave in a roda. We learnt a song to sing during the roda, which can be found following this link:



Next Monday will be our Year 5 Europe Day, where children will be creating their own version of a famous European piece of artwork, as well as learning a Russian dance. They will also be using their Europe homework to create some Europe Top Trumps, comparing various facts about the countries they have researched. All their research should have been completed and handed in before the class, so please make sure that your child has brought their sheet in by Monday at the VERY latest.

Next Friday will be Red Nose Day, and as part of our fundraising, we will be staging our own 'Battle of the Bands' concerts in class. All children can buy a set of voting tokens for 50p, and bands that want to enter will need to bring in £1 per person as well. The winner from each class will then perform in a year 5 and 6 assembly to determine the overall winner, who may then be offered the chance to perform at our music evening at the end of term!