A Visit from a Viking!

What we loved, and what we learnt

We started this week off with a bang, that's for sure! Henleaze Junior School was invaded by an entire year group of Vikings on Monday, everyone looked fab in their costumes, and it really helped us get in to character for our Viking Day.

We started off the day by meeting Ragnar, our friendly, local Viking, and having a look at some of his Viking tools and weapons, as well as impressing him with our own Viking knowledge. We then learnt about Viking trading, and played a game to teach us what it would be like to travel as a Viking trader, and be at the mercy of the Gods on the way to market.

We listened to some fascinating stories about the Viking way of life, and found our some amazing facts about the Vikings, for example, did you know they thought that fresh fruit was poison?! We played some more games, and took part in the Question Challenge, where we asked Ragnar just as many questions as we could think of about anything and everything to do with Vikings. Then, to end the day, we recreated a Viking funeral, making sure we had everything we needed to send our warrior Queen to Valhalla. 

It was such a fantastic day, we all learnt so much (teachers included!), and it has inspired us, ready for our Viking assembly next week.