Term 5 - Week 5

What we've been up to

What a week! 

Year 5 have been ‘playing’ all week and having a great time doing so.

All the classes have had a focus on samba music and have been learning different samba rhythms. We have been learning about carnivals  in Brazil and some classes created their own samba composition as a class. We have also learnt a lullaby from Brazil called ‘Baiao de ninar’. On Tuesday and Thursday, we were incredibly lucky to take part in a samba workshop and further develop our  rhythms, performing as a class on a range of percussion instruments.

Children created their own carnival masks and some children wore them as part of a carnival parade around their classroom.

On Monday and Tuesday we took part in a skipping workshop and learned a range of different skipping techniques. It has been so lovely to see the children practicing their technique on the playground throughout the rest of the week.

For the rest of our week, we have been taking part in different sports and play activities including top trumps tournaments, creating board games and playing classroom games.


A lovely week had by all. Have a lovely half term and remember to do your rainforest homework.