Term 4 Week 4

What we've been up to this week

This week, year 5 were lucky enough to be invited to Redland Educational Centre to participate in an 'Easter Trail', which was a fantastic experience, where the children followed a map and collected clues about different elements of the Easter story. It was an interactive experience, travelling from the Sea of Galilee to the Olive garden outside of Jerusalem, and many other places. Many thanks to the parents who volunteered their time to walk with us, and to accompany the groups on our journey through the story.

Literacy - We are giving our mystery stories a bit of time to breathe this week, having written our first drafts, we will return to them before Easter to edit and publish them. For the next 2 weeks we are travelling to the Antarctic to join the crew of Shackleton on his doomed expedition on the 'Endurance'. We will be writing diary entries from the perspective of a crew member as they find themselves stuck on the ice for months and months.

Spelling - We are looking at the tricky ei spelling of the /ee/ sound, such as seize and deceive.

Maths - We are continuing our work on fractions, now looking and different methods of adding and subtracting mixed and improper fractions, such as 1 2/3 +3 1/6. We wil be practising changing mixed number (1 2/3) to an improper fraction (5/3) as well as finding common denominator for different fractions (5/3=10/6) to make them easier to add.