Dean Field - Group B

News from our first day and night

Having heard how much fun Group A had in the first half of the week, Group B is determined to make the most of the wonderful opportunity that is coming to Dean Field. And as you can see from this picture of children doing the problem-solving ‘ski’ challenge, the time we spent in mixed groups doing enrichment activities in the first half of this week really helped to build our teamwork before coming.

Each of the four groups here took part in a different adventurous activity yesterday afternoon and the house was buzzing with children telling each other about the excitement that awaits them today when they get their turn to canoe, climb, zip, leap, tunnel etc. And after an atmospheric nightwalk with a game of ‘shooting stars’ played with our torches, it was home to hot chocolate, bedtime stories and blissful sleep (with just a bit of night-time nattering).