Year 4 Week 2!

Year 4 Week 2!

This week in Maths we are looking at 4 digit numbers using the symbols greater than and less than to compare as well as using the vocabulary ascending and descending. We have compared our understanding of the 3 times tables with our knowledge this week, learning our 6 times tables. We've spotted patterns like doubling and halving.

In English, we are thinking about writing our Greek Myths using correct speech punctuation and descriptive phrases using adjectives and expanded noun phrases.

The children are really enjoying reading a selection of Greek Myths and finding out about the fantasy characters.



We have started unit 1 - adding the prefix  mis-, in-, un- and dis- some good examples for children to practise are: misbehave, mislead, mismatch, unfair, disagree, inhuman and misspell.

Please look in children's' blue log book for the words which they have recorded to practise at home. They should also continue to learn the orange words for this term.


Here are the orange words for the term.

1      accident


2      believe


3      strange


4      reign


5      interest


6      various


7     possible


8     grammar