Year 4 Topic Talks Term 5 and 6

Could be something to prepare in the Easter holiday

During the summer terms, we would like all of the children to present a short talk to their class about a subject of their choice.

Topic talks are one of the great traditions of Henleaze Junior School, and we always look forward to hearing what the children are interested in. In Year 3, they may have done a topic talk about themselves or their family - something they are experts on already. In Year 4, we would like them to choose a subject they are interested in and do some research to find out some fascinating facts they can share with the class.

Parents may help them to decide on a topic, and guide them towards some appropriate research material, which might include using the library, talking to "experts", visiting museums or searching the internet. Please remember to supervise children's use of the internet, and also remind them that copying and pasting from Google is not the same as learning about the subject!

We will give each child a date so that they know when their talk will be, with plenty of time to prepare. If they can do some thinking during the Easter holidays, they will be ahead of the game when we come back to school.

Download our Topic Talks Letter