Welcome to Year 4 Update!


Welcome to Year 4!

We are so impressed with how confidently the children have settled into their new class and year group, well done!

On the 25th September, our school will be having an official School Council election so the children are encouraged to enter and think about what makes them a particularly good candidate to be chosen. Children can make posters for display in class and must think about a presentation to their class explaining what they plan to do and how.


In maths this week, we have been learning Roman numerals to 100 and rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. Practising your 10 times tables this week will be extremely supportive.



In English, we have begun to look at a variety of Greek Myths and their features. We are looking forward to writing our own Greek Myths, later this term.



We have begun our first spelling rule, which is the prefix rule- mis, un, in and dis. E.g misunderstand, disappear, unfair and incorrect.

The children will be bringing their log books home, with their six words to practise over the next two weeks.


Orange words Term 1

These are the orange words to practise at home this term. Spot them in your child's reading and make funny sentences with them. Use fridge magnets and any other ideas you may have to make it fun.

1      accident


2      believe


3      strange


4      reign


5      interest


6      various


7     possible


8     grammar