Week 1

Week commencing 11th September 2017

This week, in numeracy we have focused on place value looking at the 'value' of four digit numbers and reasoning in groups .

In literacy, we have been focusing on sentence structure (simple sentences, which must include a verb and a subject/noun, punctuation and complex sentences).

We have also begun to look at Fantasy Stories with elements of Greek mythology, this will be our focus for the next four weeks.


Please continue to complete all of your lovely weekly reads, (minimum of three) which must be handed in on time for each class. 

We have been learning our three times tables and next week we will focus on our 6 times tables.

Spelling - Unit one.

The spellings are chosen fortnightly and the spelling focus is 'Adding the prefix mis- and revising un-, in- and dis-'. The children will begin to learn their spellings and will have chosen six words from their'Practice book', which they feel will help their learning. These should be written in their spelling log, which they take home each day. They will be given the opportunity to show they have learnt these during the speed spell section of the following unit. If any are incorrect children will record these in their spelling log under the heading Speed spell.

Term 1 orange words

This terms orange words are found below (you can also find them in the back of your child's spelling log book) and it will be helpful if you work on them occasionally at home but we do lots of work on them in school.

  1.  Accident
  2. Believe
  3. Strange
  4. Reign
  5. Interest
  6. Various
  7. Possible
  8. Grammar