W/C 2.10.17

Weekly update

This week in Maths, we have focused on place value looking at finding 1000 more of less than the given number and negative numbers.

In English, we have planned our fantasy stoies and have strated to write them focusing on story openers to excite the reader. We will continue to write our stories and focus on editing our own and our peers’ work.


Your child should continue to complete a minimum of three reads each week, reading aloud with an adult, which must be recorded in the yellow reading log book and handed into the class teacher. 

We have been learning our 4 times table and next week we will focus on our 8 times table.

Spelling - Unit 2.

This week we focused on spelling in unit 2, 'words ending in the sound zhuh - written as 'sure'. Children have logged their 6 words and will shortly be tested.

Term 1 orange words

This terms orange words are found below (you can also find them in the back of your child's spelling log book) and it will be helpful if you work on them occasionally at home but we do lots of work on them in school.

  1. Accident
  2. Believe
  3. Strange
  4. Reign
  5. Interest
  6. Various
  7. Possible
  8. Grammar