W.C 20.11.2017

Week 4 update Costume Update for Greek play

Week 4

This week in maths, we have been learning the 12 times table and will be moving onto the 7 times tables next week. We have been looking at converting measurements of length (Km and m) by multiplying and dividing by 1,000. We are also finding the perimeter of rectangles.


In English, we are looking at play scripts and we will be converting short stories into plays.

Greek Play.


The date for our Greek Play is Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 2:45pm.

Please continue to encourage children to learn lines and song lyrics.See lyrics for our songs here.. It's all Greek to me, Have you heard the story? and It's all Greek to me.  Also, Ode to the Ancient Greeks Have fun :-)


Children who have been cast as teachers, children and fact readers in the play should be dressed in ancient Greek clothing. A white sheet is a great idea for a toga, with a belt and white t-shirt underneath. 

If your child has been cast as a different character (an animal, monster dinner lady etc) we will give them individual ideas to discuss at home. Here's an idea for a simple Greek child costume. It's also been suggested as a great idea for costumes to use an old pillowcase as a toga.


Our spelling focus this week is using the purple spelling practice book is Unit 5 using the prefix -inter.


Orange words

These are the tricky, grotty 'orange words for Term 2.