W/C 07.05.18

Weekly Update

We had a lovely time in Caerleon last Friday, thank you to all of the parent helpers who gave up their time to join us.

Topic Talks

Thank you for all of the topic talks so far - they have been great! 

This term children across the year group will be given a slot in which they are to prepare a Topic Talk on a subject which they have no prior knowledge, which is different to what was delivered in Year 3. Children can be as creative and clever with their ideas for presentation whether in the form of a poster, leaflet, powerpoint, a practical task/ activity, including Q&A, quiz/test,  whatever they wish on any subject, which may inspire them and others. It is only to last 5 minutes maximum.

If children would like to bring powerpoints on USB sticks this is fine, however, please check its compatibility and that documents are in a basic format. If you'd like to email it please send it to: office@henleazejuniorschool.co.uk FAO: Year 4, Class, name of child Topic Talk. Dates are 'week commencing', not date specific so please ensure your child is prepared with what is needed to deliver their topic talk on Monday, as our school week can be very busy and we have lots to complete and need to be flexible at times.


This week in maths, we are telling the time in analogue and digital and converting from the 12 hour to the 24 hour clock.

You can help your child with this by asking them questions like:

What time is it now?

What time will it be in 1 hour / 5 minutes / 20 minutes?

What time would it be in the 24 hour clock?


This week in English, we are writing our stories set in other cultures. We are using expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and speech to add detail to our writing. 


We are now studying Unit 11, "the c sound spelt -que and the g sound spelt -gue" E.g. antique, cheque unique and catalogue, league and tongue.

Term 5 Orange words

These are to be learnt in context, writing sentences, wordplay and can be drawn around to identify the "tricky" part/s of the word.

  • straight
  • favourite
  • strength
  • suppose
  • surprise
  • bicycle
  • business
  • medicine
  • natural
  • naughty