Update Week 3 - Home working!

Update -Even more things to do! 30.3.20

Dear all,

We hope that this finds you and your family well!

After last week's list of challenges to work on, we have even more exciting activities for you. It's been great hearing from many of you and email your teacher's your work and still earning those team points, even at home! Some of you have been doing all sorts; maths, timestable games, reading, SPaG booklet (daily) and entering the NW24 writing competition, well done!

Science: Can you make an insect hotel in your garden to find out which insects live in this habitat in preparation for our Habitats topic in science.
Insect hotels can be as simple as a few sticks wrapped in a bundle or as elaborate as you like using logs, sticks, bricks, stones, leaves etc. Take a photograph or draw a picture of your hotel.
After a few days, you can start to see who has moved into your hotel! Can you identify all the guests? Keep a record, make a bar graph or tally chart of your guests!

Maths: Can you write some maths jokes that we could share?
Q: What do you call a number that can’t keep still?
A: A ‘roamin’ numeral.

Q: Why is the number six scared of seven?
A: Because seven eight nine! (7 ate 9)

Maths riddle: I have 2 coins in a pot.
                       They total 70p
                       What could the 2 coins be if one of them is not a 50p coin?
Explain your answer clearly.

Art: Have a go at a continuous line drawing. Once your pencil touches the paper you don’t lift it off until your drawing is complete. Your drawing is formed from one unbroken line. Don’t forget to show us your drawings.

Get creative: Make your own playdough ( if you can get flour) and get creative with modelling. Ask an adult to help you make this.
Think about how you could add texture to your models? What could you use?
Recipe: 3 cups of flour, 1 and a half cups of salt, 6 tsp cream of tartar, 3 tbsp of oil, 3 cups of water, few drops of food colouring for coloured play-dough.
Dissolve the salt in the water and then put all the ingredients into a large saucepan. Stir continually over a medium heat until a ball of dough is formed. Next, knead the dough until the texture matches play dough.
Store in a plastic container and it should keep for at least 3 months. Enjoy!

Extra activities for maths, English and reading:  https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk

Here are the answers to last week's challenge for Pie Corbett's - The Wasp word-class activity. Have a go at writing your own poem or rewriting this one, including interesting adverbs.

Pie Corbett - The Wasp


The wasp buzzes like an electric saw.

Its tracing paper wings flicker,  fast as a fan etched -like cracked ice.

The wasp’s body is like a striped jersey.

Yellow as butter, dark as tarmac on the road.

 Its ebony, alien eyes bulge staring.

Frail telescopic legs touch as it sepals.

Tiny hairs bristle its body, thin as a whisker.


Adjectives (describing word)

Verb (doing word)

Adverb (how the ‘doing’ (action) is carried out)




















*The wasp buzzes like an electric saw.

*Fast as a fan like cracked ice.

*Yellow as butter

*Dark as tarmac


Can you rewrite this poem, adding some interesting adverbs.