Term 5 Week 5

More lovely work and one more week of term to go.

Hello Year 4 and parents, 
We’ve enjoyed speaking to you all again this week and hearing your happy voices, telling us all about your exciting learning and creative ideas you have been doing with your families. There’s been lots of reading, drawing, maths and English too! Remember, if you’ve not heard from us, then you certainly will before the end of term so look out for a call with a withheld/unknown number. 

Thank you for all of the wonderful work you’ve been sending in each week. Are you having a look at your class video each week, from your teacher? Also, have any of you have spotted your work in the ‘Wonderful Work gallery’? Keep submitting your work - remember you will still earn team points. 
In English this week, we’d like you to think about you and how you would describe yourself to your teacher/s and your parents. Over the course of two days this week, you’ll be drafting and composing your final End of Year Report self-assessment, including a self-portrait of yourself. You’ll have to use your best handwriting and ensure there are no mistakes. If you have a pen pass you may use a pen. Remember too, that you must write in full and complete sentences. The final copy needs to be emailed to your class teacher, by the end of next week. 

For maths, you will be revising multiplication and division problem solving, followed by revision for perimeter and area. Don’t forget to keep up your times tables practice, as this will help you with the above. 
We hope you continue to enjoy your home learning this week. Can you learn something different? Can you be a Yeti? Remember to send 3 best pieces of work each week (including your report sheet).  

Have a great week and take care.  
Mrs James, Mrs Adcock, Mrs Garrett and Mrs Tabley. 
Here’s some of this week’s wonderful work which has impressed us. 


  • Look at this wondrous fairy garden. I wonder where the door leads? 

  • Inquisitive, ice inquiry investigation! 

  • We have another smiling bright, golden sunshine this week! And hasn’t the weather been delightful! 

  • Great Castle adverbials too!