Class 9 Treat

Monday 20th November

Class 9 have been working really hard over the last few weeks to fill up our jar of pom-poms. They have now managed to fill up the jar and have earned themselves a treat! We had a vote this morning for what they woud like to do. Their decision was to watch a film in pyjamas and bring in snacks, toys and blankets (all optional). The children liked the idea of all brining in one snack and putting it out in a buffet style to share with their peers. If your child has an allergy, or would prefer to just eat their own choice of snack, then of course they can bring in their own separate snack. Please no fizzy drinks!

We will decide on a film on Monday, so if your child has a film rated 'U' they would like us to watch, they can bring that in on Monday.

As our treat is in the afternoon only, please send in any pyjamas, toys or snack in a bag ready for the afternoon.


Thanks, have a great weekend!

Miss Breckon.