Year 3

Week commencing 16.10.17

After a dramatic start to the week with an exciting sky with a red sun, we turned our attention to English where we had fun learning how to use a dictionary. We have also worked on our reading comprehension skills where we learnt it's good to wonder and ask questions when reading. A look at synonyms will complete the week in Literacy.

In Maths, we are continuing to add and subtract using different strategies, for example near multiples, ( 35 + 9, 27 + 19). To solve this quickly, add the multiple of ten and then subtract one. This can also be done when subtracting, (35 - 9, 47 - 19) . To solve these, take away the ten or twenty, then add back one. 

Over the holidays, children need to practise their spellings, especially the red words that have already been sent home.  Children should also maintain their reading throughout the holiday as this is an important part of their learning.

We have a few parents who have not yet paid for the Ancient Egypt workshop. This can still be done through the school gateway payment system. 

Just to remind everyone, the last day of term is a non school uniform day.