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Welcome to the HJS Work Space

The new normal

During the summer holidays, the Work Space area of the website will be changing to reflect "the new normal". Children will be returning to school on 3rd September, so we will no longer be uploading weekly plans or video messages to this space. However, we will continue to use it to communicate about learing between home and school. If we have to go back into lockdown, this page will be ready to direct you to all the resources you need for home learning.

Ideas for the summer holidays

We've put together some suggestions for the holidays - it's not homework, just stuff you can do to stop your brain getting all stodgy. Keep it active during the summer, so that you are ready for all the exciting learning you will be doing when you come back to school.

Daily routine

During this period of school closure, parents should try to establish a regular daily routine. This will help children to feel settled, which is very important for their mental health and wellbeing. Each family will need to decide what works for them.

Try to provide children with a place to work. A table top, rather than a lap. A space where you can supervise them, even if you are getting on with your own work. Have pencils and paper readily available.

You may be sharing access to a computer. Much of the work that we set does not need to be done at the computer. Make time for each child to read the instructions. Help them make notes, so that they can then work away from the device. We will try to avoid setting work that needs to be printed off. If the work involves online resources, you may need to work out a timetable for access for all the family.

At the start of each week, we will publish suggested activities for three “lessons” per day. The amount of time children spend, and when they do these activities, will be entirely up to them and their parents to decide. If you can’t fit it all in, don’t worry! Do what works for you.

Look out for Mr Barber or Mr Parr's Assembly each Monday, at the bottom of this page.

Working at home

We suggest, if you can:

  • Homework: at least 30 minutes English, 30 minutes Maths and 30 minutes Other - from your year group's Home Learning page.
  • Practise spellings and times tables - 10 minutes each.
  • Reading for pleasure - at least 20 minutes
  • Physical exercise - at least 20 minutes

Look after yourself

We want everyone to look after their mental health as well as their physical health during this period of school closure. Try to make this a positive experience for everyone!

  • Contribute: Help out with the cleaning, making lunch, tidying up.
  • Relax: Make sure you have some quiet time.
  • Connect: Enjoy conversations and play games with family or friends.
  • Create: Make music or art, invent something and build it!
  • Notice: Look around you, listen, and take notice of what you see and hear and how it makes you feel.

Year 3 Home Learning

What to do this week, messages from your teachers, and the latest news from Year 3.


Year 4 Home Learning

What to do this week, messages from your teachers, and the latest news from Year 4.

Year 5 Home Learning

What to do this week, messages from your teachers, and the latest news from Year 5.

Year 6 Home Learning

What to do this week, messages from your teachers, and the latest news from Year 6.

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Wonderful Work

Each week, we'll be showcasing some of the wonderful work that children send in. We can't display it all, but we'd like to celebrate the effort that everyone is putting in while they are working at home.


Each Monday morning, Mr Parr or Mr Barber will add an Assembly for the whole school. It might be a video, or it might be a story to read together. It will be something you can look at together, and will hopefully prompt some thought provoking discussions. Mr Barber's assemblies should get you thinking of good philosophical questions. What connections can you make? What on earth does he mean? How does that link with something else we've been thinking about? Mr Parr's assemblies will no doubt get you thinking about how to look after yourself and everyone around you. Have you been watching his films on Chimp TV?

The last Monday assembly of the year

And what a strange year. You'll be having all sorts of thoughts about it, and this week's assembly is about how our minds work and how we can relate skilfully to our own thinking. And it's just a short assembly this week, as we're busy preparing for the main event: welcoming Year 3, 4 and 5 back into school! We have missed you so much and want this opportunity to celebrate how marvellous you have been during lockdown.

Classes 6, 7 and 8 are coming in on Monday 13th July. Classes 4, 9 and 10 are coming in on Tuesday 14th July. Classes 5, 11 and 12 are coming in on Thursday 16th July. See you soon!