Meet our friends at Kasongoire Primary School

Henleaze Junior School is proud to be linked with Kasongoire Primary School in Uganda.

Our connection began in 2013, when we first sent letters and playground games out to the children and received letters in return. in February 2015, Mr Barber and Mrs Tabley spent a week at the school, watching and teaching lessons and getting to know the children and staff. We were delighted to welcome the headteacher, Jackson Mburumanya, and one of the teachers, Richard Friday, to Bristol in June. In April 2016, Mr Heath and Miss Sharland made our second visit to Uganda, and in February 2017, Miss Cutler and Miss Jones went to find out more about the impact of our partnership.

We hope to continue the link for many years to come. The children are excited by the prospect of making friends in another country and learning about a very different way of life. Teachers have a lot to learn from each other too, and we have also connected our parents and governors.

Gallery - Uganda 2018